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Turn Key! Ocean Front Condos Resort 3BR PH, Lock off and Plunge Pool

COD: MAP5954517

Puerto Morelos, Q.Roo

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$ 1,471,557 USD

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$ 25,016,471 MXN
Sea View
2378.84 Sq.Ft. Total
2378.84 Sq.Ft. Construction
3 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
1 Parking
1 Half bathroom

Property description

Discover a dream lifestyle in our 73 residences
fully equipped and furnished facing the sea, where each detail is designed to boost your senses. Immerse yourself in the Endless possibilities and luxurious amenities that redefine the art of seaside living.

Located in the natural paradise of Puerto Morelos, our exclusive real estate development has a spectacular beach, to give life to an oasis of well-being and comfort within a luxurious complex of residences with hotel service.

The design and architecture of this development are inspired by developing a sensory experience for its inhabitants and its connection with the exterior, the design emphasizes the beauty of the imperfection of the environment using authentic materials and exclusive to the region that show the authenticity and unique cultural roots of the peninsula. This is intertwined perfectly with a timeless and extraordinary style.

By incorporating organic-inspired trends, this
development harmoniously fuses the richness of
nature with spaces that transmit comfort and
tranquility in each of its corners.

* Lobby
* Gym
* Restaurants / Snack Bars
* Jacuzzi
* Spa / Temazcal
* Bars
* Swimming pools

Hotel type service
At this development you will discover the highest level of hospitality with our 24/7 hotel-like service, ensuring that your stay is incredibly pleasant. We bring the luxury of a hotel directly to your door.

A mix of luxury and possibilities, it offers a unique combination luxury and investment with endless opportunities. Can enjoy your condo like a vacation home whenever you want, with the peace of mind of owning an asset that will continue to generate value over time. Each owner have the possibility of becoming partners hoteliers in a simple and agile way, obtaining investment gains from it through income vacation of your property managed by a
expert company and leader in the market.

This business model allows investors use your property as a private residence or rent it as a hotel room, which offers owners and guests enjoy these
hotel services throughout your stay.

Delivery August 2025

* Images presented on this website are for illustrative purposes only. The final product and the material used are subject to significant changes at the sole discretion of the developer.

Location description

Puerto Morelos, located south of Cancún, is recognized for its white sand beaches, being a great attraction for ecotourism with activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and yacht trips. The jewel of this charming coastal city is its coral reef barrier, as an integral part of the second-largest Mesoamerican reef system of the world. A magnet for travelers from all over the world, offering an escape of tranquility and an experience
of world-class entertainment, accommodation, and unmatched gastronomy. Here, adventure fans can explore the vibrant marine life, and those who
seek relaxation will be able to enjoy the serene beaches, creating a perfect harmony between nature and luxury.

Convenience Store
Night Club
Fibre optic Wi-Fi

Puerto Morelos, Q.Roo

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