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Turn Key! Amazing 1Br Apartments Swim Up

COD: MAP5643029

Region 8, Tulum, Q.Roo

Price from

$ 198,900 USD

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$ 3,281,850 MXN
645.84 Sq.Ft. Total
645.84 Sq.Ft. Construction
1 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
1 Parking

Property description

Tulum is the perfect place to disconnect and relax thanks to its pleasant climate and beautiful sunsets, surrounded by lush vegetation and the most beautiful Caribbean Sea beaches.

This development has 65 apartments and, a modern design with a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy the green jungle of the Magical Town of Tulum.
Due to its proximity to the beach and entertainment venues, the increase in capital gains is unbeatable. For tourists who want to stay as close to the beach as possible, this will be a desirable option
* Swimming pool
* Rooftop
* Jacuzzi
* Game room
* Reception
* Coworking
* Laundry
* Elevator
** Prices from $198,900.00 USD
Delivery December 2025

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Location description


Tulum is a tourist destination located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. Known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Tulum is home to an ancient walled city of the Mayan civilization perched on a cliff overlooking the sea. The archaeological ruins of Tulum are famous for their impressive seaside location and well-preserved Mayan architecture.

In addition to its historical heritage, Tulum has become a popular destination for travelers seeking a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere. The city boasts a vibrant artistic and cultural scene, as well as a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. Furthermore, the proximity to cenotes and natural parks offers opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the region.

Tulum is also known for its focus on sustainable tourism, with a growing environmental awareness among local businesses. The combination of its historical heritage, natural beauty, and laid-back atmosphere makes Tulum a unique and appealing destination for visitors from around the world.

Convenience Store
Fibre optic Wi-Fi
Close to the beach

Region 8, Tulum, Q.Roo

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