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Stunning 2-br. Penthouse in Aldea Zama Premium with private pool

COD: MAP6156730

Aldea Zama, Tulum

Price from

$ 320,000 USD

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$ 5,800,000 MXN
1689.95 Sq.Ft. Total
1689.95 Sq.Ft. Construction
2 Bedrooms
3 Bathrooms
1 Parking
1 Half bathroom

Property description

Beautiful 2-br. Penthouse, 3 bathrooms, large rooftop terrace with private pool

Located in Aldea Zama Premium, surrounded by nature, close to dining and shopping, a short drive to the beach.
1. Pool
2. Restaurant
3. Spa
4. Concierge
6. Temazcal

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Location description

Tulum is a coastal city in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, renowned for its Mayan archaeological ruins and white sandy beaches. The archaeological site features notable structures like El Castillo and the Temple of the Descending God. Tulum is also famous for its cenotes, such as Gran Cenote and Dos Ojos, which are perfect for diving and snorkeling. In recent years, it has grown as a tourist destination with boutique hotels, quality restaurants, and a focus on sustainability. Its vibrant nightlife and bohemian atmosphere attract visitors from around the world.

Shopping Malls
Convenience Store
Fibre optic Wi-Fi

Aldea Zama, Tulum

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