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Land Lot in Region 101

COD: MLA5476694

Region 101 Tulum, Q.Roo

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$ 420,317 USD

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$ 7,145,378 MXN
3422.95 Sq.Ft. Total
3422.95 Sq.Ft. Construction

Property description

This project has the characteristic of being the first mixed-planned community in the 101 region, it will have hotel service, shops, single-family and multi-family residences, offices, and medical and gastronomic services.

This project offers multiple exclusive amenities, from security booths to control entrances and exits of the project, to 6 different areas focused on various interests, such as the Wellness area, which offers the resident a spa, space to perform yoga and meditation, as well as as a bar focused on well being.

The Earth Zone contains amenities for those residents looking to maintain an active and outdoor lifestyle, from an indoor gym, a game area, and barbecue grills. An area that will allow daily activities to be carried out that blend with an environment natural.

On the other hand, the Art zone will offer creative minds a space to let their imagination and skills go wild with an art gallery, a space for craft workshops, a bookstore, an observatory, and a music room.

The food zone is an area for residents who love to try new things and enjoy the little moments. It will offer a market, an open kitchen, a bar, a restaurant and a vegetable garden.

Finally, the Water area, dedicated to enjoying the gifts of nature, will offer access to a cenote, immersion pools, an elongated pool, a sundeck, and a hammock area. In addition, it will also offer co-working amenities for digital nomad residents, making available a social center with
amphitheater, an adventure station, a lounge, and access to an office-type space.

As part of integrating into the natural environment and a security measure for residents, the project will be a gated community with strict control of traffic, entrances, and exits for residents, visitors, and suppliers. There will be private security monitoring access to the project, through internal closed-circuit television.

A place created for those who want to escape from routine, create vacation wealth, and investors who want to plant their capital in a powerful real estate project.

Delivery May 2024

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Location description

Tulum is a famous tourist destination known for its natural beauty and Mayan heritage, while Region 101 is a developing part of the city experiencing significant growth to cater to visitors and residents.

High demand area for investors.


Convenience Store
Fibre optic Wi-Fi

Region 101 Tulum, Q.Roo

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