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Unique designer Lofts, surreal amenities

COD: MAP4797996

Region 15, Tulum

Price from

$ 250,000 USD

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$ 4,250,000 MXN
645.84 Sq.Ft. Total
645.84 Sq.Ft. Construction
1 Bedrooms
1 Bathrooms
1 Parking

Property description

Make your days a work of art and experience Tulum from a new dimension.

These condos are located in the heart of Region 15, close to downtown and with a private transfer to the Beach Club.

Surreal amenities, the best in town:
Limitless pools, private underground cenote, Amphitheater, Experimental Restaurant, VR-Zone, Mystic Wells, Shopping Village, Handcraft Studio,
Outdoor cinema, jungle paths, underwater world, Crossfit Gym, The Vortex, Pool bar, Motor Lobby, Concierge, Fire pits, Hammocks, Juice bar, Event salon, Yoga Loft, Gourmet Market,
Climbing wall, Game room, Waterfalls, Art Gallery, Beach Club, Boho Market, Solarium, Temple Spa, Music Studio, Jungle Maze, and more...

1-bedroom units over 648 sq.ft. from USD 205,650
2-bedroom double-height Lofts over 1141 sq.ft. from USD 447,000


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Location description

These condominiums are located in the heart of Region 15, close to the city center and with a private transfer to the Beach Club.

Convenience Store
Fibre optic Wi-Fi
Beach Club

Region 15, Tulum

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